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(via fat-feminist-deactivated2013101)

spookypebble asked: Is this blog still active?

Kind of :C :C :C


Hi this is me


Bodies are just oddly shaped vessels for our souls and I happen to like mine .


sometimes i take really silly pictures when i’m doin ootds. i dont even know. whateva.

going to see evil dead in a few hours! i hope it’s not, like, legitimately terrifying because my room mate has gone home for the weekend and i do not want to be here all by myself in the middle of the night, thinkin bout scary stuff. im a baby.

spookypebble asked: Hello

Hello babe!



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OOTD feat my very small “backyard”, and the glow of A WHOLE MONTH OF NON-STOP OOTDS! 

I’ve officially taken a photo of my outfits for A MONTH without missing a day or repeating an outfit. I still only get about 10-15 notes on each post but I’m extremely proud of myself because I didn’t think I’d be able to do even over 2 weeks. I’m going to continue doing these. Let me know any feedback, or anything you’d like me to try. I’m really enjoying this project. :O)